Sanding and waxing of a solid wood flooring

Would you like to give your old solid wood floors a new look? Sanding is the ideal renovation technique for a clean and smooth finish. An operation to be scheduled generally every 5 years if the floor does not show too obvious signs of deterioration.

For the finish, traditional waxing allows you to rediscover the authentic and warm side of the wood.

To renovate your floor, call a professional from the Myspecialist network. Indeed, no matter how sturdy solid wood is, the slightest false manipulation during sanding can seriously damage the wood.

Not only are our specialists equipped with the most powerful machines to ensure you get the best results, but they also have the expertise to carry out this type of work. The first step consists of inspecting the floor to determine the necessary preparations: small repairs to damaged areas using wood paste, treatment of stains, possible application of a wax remover, etc.

Then comes the sanding operation, which requires highly technical know-how to obtain a perfectly smooth and even finish, scrupulously respecting the direction of the wood.

If you opt for a wax finish, this offer is made for you: the sanding and waxing operation is from 28.50€/m2. This offer is valid for a surface of 15m2, at the price of 427.50€.

Find easily on your craftsman/parquet maker for the renovation of your solid wood floor.

427.50 € 427.5 EUR 427.50 €

427.50 €

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