Restore power following water damage

In case of a water damage disaster, first of all, it is essential to contact an electrical expert to cut off the power supply, in order to avoid electrocution.

Do not allow access to a flooded basement or handle household appliances and electrical cables. Only a professional electrician can safely restore power, because the consequences of a water damage on the electrical wiring are not always visible at first sight. Incorrect handling can lead to electrocution, short circuit or even fire.

What can a Network Electrician do for you?

The independent qualified, approved and certified 5-star by the MYSPECIALIST network intervene to secure the premises by carrying out inspections (in order to measure the damage) followed by repairs:
- electric motors (except household electric motors)
- electrical insulation
- electrical panel
- electrical wiring
- circuit breakers, fuses, pits
- sockets, switches, dimmers

This offer includes the electrical securing of a building following a water damage and the total or partial reactivation of the electrical current. We offer an emergency service with a team of certified electricians ready to secure the site. Note that these emergency interventions can result in an estimate of extra work, often necessary for safety reasons.

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