Repair of 120m2 stoneware tiles

Repairing a stoneware tile has the advantage of being much cheaper compared to other types of tiles. By choosing a 5-star craftsman recommended by the network, you guarantee work seriously carried out and better finishes that will ensure the durability of your tiles.

The work generally takes place in three stages :
- tile replacement
- replacing seals, if your seals are stained or cracked
- Protective finishing, which consists of coating the tiles with a protective coating, the ideal solution to prevent further repairs while protecting the joints from dirt.

Tip: after repairs, remember to clean tiles and joints regularly. Using mild bleach and a small scrubbing brush. This will prevent mould and mildew.

Have your stoneware tiles repaired by one of our specialists. Take advantage of the fixed price: 120m2 for 6960€, i.e. approximately 58€/m2.

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6,960.00 € 6960.0 EUR 6,960.00 €

6,960.00 €

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