Renovation of paintwork following water damage

This offer concerns the repainting of a room following water damage. This includes the restoration of the affected area and the application of 2 coats of paint to the entire wall.

The experts of the Myspecialist network are at your disposal to isolate the cause of the problem and propose a permanent solution.

The intervention of the professional painter is generally done in two steps:

1- Remediation of the affected surface:

To accelerate the drying process, he will use a drying unit. A humidity test or humitest will then determine whether the walls are ready to be repainted.
This process is also a very effective anti-mould treatment to prevent the reappearance of stains, moss and fungi.

2- Before applying two coats of glycerine paint, the painter generally applies a water-repellent undercoat, which allows the paint to adhere better.

It usually costs around €35 per linear metre to clean up the walls and €30 per square metre to prepare the surface, apply a water-repellent undercoat and two coats of paint. As an indication, for a 30 m² room where a 6 m section of wall has been cleaned up following a problem of infiltration, the cost of repainting comes to around 1110€ excluding VAT, including supplies.

To find a room that smells like new, entrust the renovation of your painting to our professional painters!

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1,110.00 €

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