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You are looking for an acknowledged specialist in the area of air conditioning, refrigerating, heat pumps or cold stores. Find a refrigerator specialist who's been evaluated with 5 stars on MYSPECIALIST and who's available immediately and very competitive. The refrigerator specialists of the MYSPECIALIST network can provide you with advice and solutions as to the installment and maintenance of:

- An energy audit and a thermal balance.
- Air conditioners for all your infrastructure: placing air conditioners such as wall, multi split or reversible air conditioners, air conditioners provided with Inverter technology, convection heaters, water-based air conditioners, chilled ceilings, VRV (Variable refrigerant volume)
- Heat pumps: energy from air, earth, water and remaining heat.
- Refrigeration systems and installing cooling apparatus and cold stores.

Choose one of our refrigerator specialists who have all been evaluated with 5 stars by our user network. Leave your projects and jobs confidently in their care!

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