Installation of 5 electrical charging terminals

Although this type of installation does not require any major work, it does require the services of a professional who will ensure that the electrical installation complies with standards. First of all, our specialists carry out an electrical diagnosis of your premises, in order to propose the best technical implementation plan.

What type of terminal? The wallbox is unanimously acclaimed for its fast charging, protection and security quality. Car charging lasts on average between 3 and 5 hours compared to 10 hours for standard plugs, which are not recommended for safety reasons. The Wallbox is available from 500 euros (for a 3 kilowatt terminal). It will require between 800 and 1200 euros (for a 7 kilowatt terminal).

What is the actual budget for the installation of 5 charging stations?
As the installation of a wallbox costs on average 870 euros, the installation work for a fleet ( 5 terminals) could amount to 4350 euros.

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4,350.00 €

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