An electrical installation that complies with standards is a guarantee of safety for your company. The electricians in the Myspecialist network are certified to meet all your needs. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what an electrician can do for your business:

- Renovation work: replacement of electrical panels, partial or complete rehabilitation of your electrical network ...
- Bringing your electrical installation into compliance, based on the diagnosis made by the electrician himself or on the recommendations provided by the inspection body;
- various maintenance work: a maintenance contract is highly recommended as it gives you the benefit of a recurrent inspection of your installations and thus prevents any risk linked to a malfunction;
- the connection of your installation to the public distribution network;
- the various installation works: video surveillance, smoke detector, home automation network, VMC or controlled mechanical ventilation, connection of various appliances...

The electricians of the Myspecialist network put their expertise at your service and advise you on new innovative technologies in electricity and energy management.

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