Cornice painting - Woodwork renovation

Around €650 and €700 excluding VAT is needed for the renovation of a moulding that's 7m long, without the use of roof ladders or the same technology that's used in alpinism in order to guarantee the safety.

Why such an attractive rate?
This is due to the fact that most suppliers propose to work on scaffolding. This method leads to higher fixed costs owing to the scaffolding and putting them up and down, but also because of the reservation of parking ban signs, etc.

Around €950 and €1300 excluding VAT is needed depending on the difficulty of the renovation and the painting of a standard cornice with a moulding of 7m and a roof ladder, and the same technology that's used in alpinism in order to guarantee the security.

Joffroy, from the Myspecialist network, mixes this technology used in alpinism and the tools related to his job, such as the roof ladder. This technology has the advantage of not adding any additional costs to the preparation of the work site. As a professional painter, Joffroy also knows how to use painting techniques such as grattage and sandpaper painting, and he will clean your cornice completely before applying any layer of paint.
He will then apply modifications using grain filler and seal the gaps by using permanent elastic acrylic grain filler. Ultimately, he will finish the job with a porous layer of satin-finish paint.

He has numerous references and photographs at his disposal of moldings that he has already renovated. His paintwork is carried out the right way, and our expert will definitely not leave anything to chance.

Ask him for a quote and don’t want any longer for the best price-quality ratio.

Outside the Myspecialist network, price offers easily hover around €2700.

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