Audio files transcription

This offer is valid for the subscription to an offshore management assistant in full time excluding set up fees.

Depending on the attributions and authorizations you have given him/her, your management assistant can, among other things, carry out for you :
- Transcribe the audio and video files you dictate to him when you are in your car or between two phone calls,
- Prepare responses to emails you have received
- Sort your emails
- Prepare your reports

Assign these tasks without further delay to an offshore management assistant, expert in content writing.

The profiles of management assistants whom you will find on the Myspecialist network have more than 5 years' experience in the function of management assistant and have an excellent level of writing skills.

The formula we propose to you consists of :
- a faithful or untrue transcription of your voice note ( whatever its quality), according to your instructions
- an improvement of the text if necessary
- a proofreading

*The set up is designed to configure you and provide you with the tools to communicate with your assistant.

Would you like to save time and devote yourself to the essentials by delegating the preparation of content to your offshore assistant? Ask for a quote without further delay.

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