Acoustic insulation of walls in a room from 20 m² to 50 m²

This offer is valid for the acoustic insulation of a room from 20 m² to 50 m².
Do you want to eliminate sound nuances and ensure better comfort in a room? The expertise of a sound insulation specialist will be of great help to you. His intervention consists of:

- analyse the technical configuration of the site and the structure of the walls;
- insulate the room by applying insulating layers of wool, foam or panels on the walls, ceiling and floor;
- the installation of double or triple glazing on the windows and entrance door;
- harmonize the room for optimal sound diffusion;
- installation of adequate room ventilation.

Our acoustician isolates your room from external and internal noise with different types of insulation such as wool, celluloses, polystyrenes, slabs, panels and glass. We apply the mass-spring-ground system to optimize the sound insulation in your room.
Acoustic compliance is a standard of comfort. Feel free to ask our certified acoustician for a free quote.

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