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1. Fill out the quote request form for free on

- Our customer service will process your request and find the right independent within our network who meets your needs best.
- In case your request is an emergency request, we ask you to please point this out while filling out your request on or call directly at 0495 298 298 so that we can help you within an hour.

2. One of the independents of our network will contact you within 48 hours

We advise you to make your request as specific as possible during the phone conversation, so that we can make sure that it's within the price range of your budget.

3. Make an appointment with the independent

- For assignments below €200, the assignments will be carried out directly, and you pay the agreed upon amount directly to the independent.
- For assignments above €200, a quote will be sent to you via the platform. Please make sure that the independent knows exactly how you would like the assignments to be carried out. This makes it easier for him or her to prevent any misunderstandings from happening.

4. The independent will send the quote to you within 72 hours

In case you're not satisfied with the quote, we ask you to please inform the independent about this matter. Perhaps some information has been overlooked and the independent is still able to solve this, so that your quote can still meet your expectations.

5. You accept the offer and consign the due amount to Myspecialist

On the second page of the quote, you are requested to transfer the amount of the quote to Myspecialist's capital payment account. By doing so, you are ensured that your budget is secured and the independent is ensured of a quick payment after finishing the job.

6. The independent is informed about the amount that has been deposited and the job that has been carried out

As soon as the independent is informed about the consignment of the budget of the quote, he or she will contact you to confirm the possible date to carry out the job.

7. As soon as everything has been taken care of, please share your satisfaction with Myspecialist

Your evaluation is essential for the reputation of the independent. The more evaluations an independent has, the more clients he or she will receive. Don't forget that you can win a promotion code by sharing your evaluation on social media.

8. Myspecialist pays the independent

Our customer service and the Myspecialist platform have assisted the independent with the administrative, commercial and financial management during the entire experience that you’ve shared with them. Choosing for Myspecialist means enjoying a 5-star experience.


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Are you rather busy? No problem at all: Our customer service is at your disposal at 0495 298 298 in order to take care of your registration for you.

2. Encode the information of 2 clients that you have helped

Are you good at what you do? Great! We would love to know what your clients think about you. Please ask one of your clients in advance whether he or she would agree to sponsor you, so that you too can join the 5-star network of Myspecialist for the best independents. Tell your client that he or she will receive an e-mail from containing an evaluation request with which your work can be evaluated.

3. Your clients say that you're an independent who truly deserves 5 stars

Well done, you’re now about to meet the founder of Myspecialist.

4. Myspecialist accepts your profile after consultation of the government gazette and your professional qualifications

Gather all your documentation at your disposal in order to help us make your profile as interesting as possible. We take care of the publicity for you and therefore ask you to help us facilitate this process as much as possible.

5. You’ll meet the founder of Myspecialist who will finalize your reference entry within the network

During this appointment, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions about the platform.

6. You’ll receive all the information needed to use your back office

The back office was created to make your life easier. Our customer service department at Myspecialist takes care of your administration, so that you only have to focus on your passion.

7. You will be contacted by your first client who’ll give you another positive evaluation

This is your very first challenge, don't leave anything to chance and collect your 5-star evaluation.

8. The back office helps you every day with the management and you will receive more clients each time

Live your passion thanks to Myspecialist's simplicity.